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The CERN education website offers informations about teacher programmes and educational resources for schools.

Teacher Programmes

CERN offers courses for physics teachers in English or in your mother tongue, lasting between 3 days and 3 weeks. You will experience the atmosphere of frontier research at the LHC, meet with scientists and teaching colleagues, and find new ideas on bringing modern physics into the classroom.


Teaching Resources

Find presentations, recorded lectures, teaching materials, movies, animations, games, posters, photos, games and ideas for practical activities in the classroom. All this material is available for free when used for educational purposes.


Visit CERN

Globe of Science and Innovation

Take a tour of our laboratory, either from your classroom or by coming to CERN.



Higher Education

Academic Training

CERN also organizes programmes for university students and young post-graduates in the fields of particle physics, accelerator physics, and computing:


CERN Summer Student Programme
Schools of High Energy Physics
CERN Accelerator School
CERN School of Computing (CSC)
CERN Academic Training Programme (lecture recordings)